“Free will is a farce. So long as there are Gods above us, we will continue to do their bidding in order to win their favor. Our lives are no longer our own. We must first learn to separate ourselves from the will of the Gods and embrace the true spirit desperately trying to claw out from within. That is what it what it means to be free.”
- Nigel Rolan Templar

The once quite lands of this gracious Oerth have begun to tremble and quake in fear. The Church of Hextor has gotten a hold of an ancient script called the Tome of Devastation. It states that long ago, the ancient evil know as Hextor had hidden six of his favored items known as the Weapons of Legacy. If one is bold and brave enough to collect all six, it is said that the Herald of Hell himself will appear to bring devastation and ruin to those that would oppose him.

Leading the charge is Emperor Prince Grenell, leader of the Northern Kingdom. He has initiated a siege of attacks against at the behest of their new counselor, High Priest Raymond “Rayne” Templar. They seek to expand their territory and make an outstanding push to destroy every outstanding stench of good from the world once and for all.

Their first target was the city of Kelstacia, one of the most popular cities in the realm and hosts the largest cathedral of Heironeous in all the land. It was there Rayne first learned of the tome and took hold of the fiendish warhammer known as Night’s Vengeance. With the aid of the ancient black dragon Nelwrathion, the world appears to be powerless against him and the mighty army of the Northern Kingdoms.

The only group brave enough to stand against Rayne’s and his hoard of tyranny is a powerful group of adventurers. They were assembled by the mightiest wizard Oerth has ever seen, Lucian Mavryk the honored magus and defender of Crystal Spire. First, the lost princess to a forgotten kingdom, Lady Delphina Whisperwind and her loyal and legendary wolf companion Anubis. Their most eager ally, though short in stature, mighty in power and master of the dark arts Kaze Kumochi. Recently joined by the brash, wily, and a knack of getting into trouble, Jack “Fingers” Shadestone. And they are all led by Lucian’s masterful apprentice, the powerful but hopelessly unwise sorcerer, Ertai Rosewing.

Through their combined efforts, they attempt to stop Rayne from seizing all six weapons and bring peace to these lands once more.

The story thus far:
Prologue: Prelude to Cataclysm
Chapter 1: Whispers of War
Chapter 2: Gateway to Oblivion
Chapter 3:-

The Bane of Hextor

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